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"Winner best office product of the decade"

- Interior Design Magazine
Starting at $699

Introducing QuickStand


Revolutionary design that converts any surface into a height-adjustable workstation.

  • Designed for Comfort

    QuickStand's sturdy column is angled to create the correct viewing distances while sitting or standing, no matter your height.
  • Work Anywhere

    Adapt any surface with QuickStand's slim-profile freestanding mount, designed to lie flush on your desk for comfortable working.
  • Clean Aesthetic

    QuickStand perfectly complements any desk style and seamlessly blends into any interior.


Increase energy and productivity by remaining active throughout your workday.

  • Flexibility

    Effortlessly change your posture by simply adjusting your QuickStand.
  • Multitasking Made Easy

    QuickStand helps you work and move as efficiently as you want.
  • Change Is Good

    Easy to lift and lower, QuickStand encourages movement when you work.


QuickStand is incredibly steady and perfectly adjustable.

  • Takes the Weight

    Available for just one monitor or for dual setups, QuickStand can hold up to 30 lbs. of screen weight and still adjust effortlessly and securely.
  • A Simple Touch

    QuickStand’s counterbalance system means smooth adjustments occur with a soft, easy push, without any need for handles or levers.
  • Stable Workstation

    Created with a surface that holds up against energetic typing, QuickStand is built to withstand frequent use and adjustments.


Create a positive impact for yourself and your environment.

  • Balanced Activity

    Easily alternate between sitting and standing for added motivation.
  • A Little Boost Goes a Long Way

    Regular movements as you work can burn calories, improve your focus and help prevent conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Environmentally Conscious

    Responsibly made from recyclable materials using minimal resources.

Minimal Aesthetic

Designed with a minimal and versatile aesthetic that is perfect for any workspace.

Unwavering Stability

Robust structure ensures the keyboard platform remains secure while working.

Flawless Engineering

Counterbalance mechanisms allow for effortless movement.


Positive impact on well-being prevents health complications, from heart disease to high blood pressure.

For over 30 years, Humanscale has been the pioneer and leader of office ergonomics, making products that adapt your work to you, not the other way around.
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Benefits of Sit / Stand

User Testimonials

QuickStand is building quite a following with professionals in movement and other Humanscale customers. We provided a few of them with a QuickStand and asked them to share their thoughts. Listen to their experience.

Get more tips for staying healthy as you work


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Free Shipping

30-Day Risk
Free Guarantee

Which QuickStand is Right for Me?

Desk Requirements

Check with the manufacturer of your desk and make sure that it can hold the weight of your chosen QuickStand per below.
QuickStand with a clamp desk mount: 56 lbs (the desk surface should also be a minimum of 0.5" thick to screw the clamp in to).
QuickStand with Freestanding base: 72 lbs.

Depending on work surface size and the desk mount that you choose, a fully set up QuickStand can fit a minimum desk size of 23" (d) x 28" (w)

Why do I need to choose cables for my QuickStand?

One of QuickStand's best features is its cable management system. It keeps your permanent power cables (the ones that run from your monitor and keyboard to your main computer hub) neatly tucked away inside the QuickStand body. As a result, your desktop is free of cable clutter, allowing for more desktop space and a clean look. Our cables are presized to fit the cable manager system and are durable. We ask you to select cables because our unique cables are designed for use within the QuickStand cable management system.

How many monitors can QuickStand hold?

QuickStand can be configured to hold one or two monitors if you purchase the heavy duty version. If you choose the standard crossbar option for two monitors, make sure the actual monitor sizes (not the viewable screens) do not exceed more than 24" in size combined (horizontally). If your monitors are wider than this, please contact customer service and they will help you find a solution.

What is the maximum monitor weight that QuickStand can hold?

Here are the maximum weights that each of our QuickStand options can hold:

  • Heavy mount (single monitor): 30 lbs.
  • Light mount (single monitor): 11 lbs.
  • Heavy mount with crossbar (for two monitors): 30 lbs.

Contact customer service if your screens are larger than what is listed her and they will help you find a solution.

What size work surface platform is best for me?

The work surface platform is where you can place your keyboard or documents while working. You can choose either a Small or Large platform depending on the depth of your surface.

  • If your desk is 24-29" deep, choose a Small platform
  • If your desk is 30-36" deep, choose a Large platform

I see two options for securing QuickStand to my desk. Which one should I choose? 

The Freestanding base, one of our easiest and most popular mounts, is specially weighted to sit on any surface. It does not require any screws or clamps on your desktop so you can decide to easily reposition QuickStand at any time.

If you prefer to keep your desk surface completely clean - and you do not mind using screws on your desk - then choose the Clamp mount option. Note: If you choose the Clamp mount, you will have to attach it to the back of a flat-edge horizontal surface.

Our customer service team can help you decide which mount is best for your set up if you are still not sure.